Furniture fittings warranty details

Tyrox warrants the original purchaser of Tyrox hardware against manufacturing defects for as long as the original purchaser owns the product.

Product CategoryProduct nameFunctional warranty*Surface warranty*
HingesHinge 0-Crank 105-Degree Clip-on Soft-Close10 years36 months
Hinge 9-Crank 105-Degree Clip-on Soft-Close10 years36 months
Hinge Wide Angle 165-Degree Clip-on Soft-Close10 years36 months
Drawer systemsDrawer System 500MM P&P Gray 30KG Soft-Close10 years36 months
Drawer System 500MM Normal Gray 30KG Soft-Close10 years36 months
Telescopic channelsTelescopic Channel 350MM 35KG Soft-Close10 years36 months
Telescopic Channel 400MM 35KG Soft-Close10 years36 months
Telescopic Channel 450MM 35KG Soft-Close10 years36 months
Telescopic Channel 500MM 35KG Soft-Close10 years36 months
Gas springFlap-up Gas Spring 9-Inch 8KG10 years36 months
Warranty is applicable from the proven date of purchase. The customer should retain Tyrox Original Invoice.

Terms and conditions:

  • *Functional Warranty – Functional warranty refers to usual performance / working of product. Products do not function as per its Nature under normal conditions.
  • *Surface Warranty – Surface Warranty is a broader term which includes appearance, original look, and so on.
  • In case repair or replacement of the product is carried out, the period of warranty would continue from the original date of purchase
  • Warranty on the product would not be applicable under the following conditions including but not limited to:
    • Abuse/ misuse/ mishandling/ negligence/ improper installation/ improper application/ improper repair/ tampering.
    • Natural wear and tear
    • Failure to follow instructions of use
    • Installation with unapproved accessories
    • Modification to the product or removal/alteration of parts and components
    •  Exposure or entry or seepage of paints/ liquids/ oils/ chemicals/ corrosives/ vapors/ abrasive compounds/ contamination/ coastal air/ salt spray/ high humidity
    • Breakage of plastic parts in any products
    • Damage due to accidents / fire/ robbery/ natural calamities
    • Damage and rusting due to long lasting damp/ humid environmental conditions.
  • The company reserves the right to modify the design of the products without prior notice in pursuance of its policy of continuous technical improvement
  • Decision of Tyrox on the admissibility of the claim under warranty would be final and binding
  • Maximum liability under the warranty would be limited to the cost of the product.
  • This warranty expressly excludes any claim for incidental or consequential loss or damage.
  • Any representations, warranties or promises inconsistent with or in addition to the warranties contained herewith are unauthorized and shall not be binding on Tyrox
  • Tyrox reserves its rights to amend the above terms and conditions without notice